About TrueVie

TrueVie is a Mixed British & French Lifestyle Brand that combined street & high end clothing 
TrueVie stands for True Life, Real Life.  Vie in French means Life.
Everything we create is designed by our team. Inspired by a passion to create unique quality pieces that links to everyday life. Our unique pieces push the boundaries of the industry. 
It's a brand that stemmed from simply learning about life as a whole.. the slogan is
In Life, it's about opening up your mind and realising that you only live once. You only get ONE in life so you've got to appreciate it and make the most of it now, before it's too late.
I got inspired to do this due to the fact that i have had people around me who have lost that ONE chance in life.
Ive been in a situation where i was so close to losing that one chance, and it just made me value life so much more because you don't know when your time is up.
You have that ONE chance in life so make it count!